Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Earthdawn Opinions?

Earthdawn has recently caught my attention, though I hesitate to shell out $100 bucks to look at the new edition just on the chance it might be interesting.

Has anybody who actually reads this blog seen this game in any of its incarnations? How does it play? Got any opinions?

There are, I see, three editions. What's the comparison across them?


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    I'm not familiar with that game - but damn, a hundy?

    I think the most I ever spent on a game product was the KOTOR guide for Star Wars a few months ago, and that was only because I was asked by a group of folk I didn't know to GM a campaign for them. That was around 40 bucks just like the main core book (which I got used for half it's cover price). I was excited to run that game, so I bit the bullet.

    Spending more than 20 bucks on anything game related, unless it is one of my tri-yearly miniature buying sprees, is not usually on my radar.

  2. I've only played it a couple of times, but really liked it. I don't remember a lot about the system but I think it was a lot like Shadowrun.

  3. I have a goodly portion of the original edition.

    The setting and the details are pure gold; the mechanics, on the other hand, make my eyeballs bleed.

    Highly recommended if only for inspiration ;3

  4. The 1st edition from FASA is like 90% idential to the new Redbrick version. It's worth a few bucks--if just for reading.

  5. Yeah, I saw the 1st edition books for sale relatively cheap (bout $15 bucks each).

    If the system is like Shadowrun, then yes, it is "make you bleed from the eyes" complicated. I tried very hard to run Shadowrun 3ed for a while and it made me want to burn the damn books.

    If you're saying that Earthdawn is just like that, then I'll just forget the whole thing and stick with what I know.

  6. There are 4 versions of ED: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, Classic Edition, and now 3rd Edition.

    I agree with Taichara about the setting, and although the mechanics are not the easiest, the lend themselves to the game very well.

    I'm unsure about the $100 price, Mongoose is listing the price at $39.95 and amazon is listing them at $26.37.

    The dice system has also been stream lined in 3rd edition and looks alot easier to work with in my opinion. I have not got to look at the new books, but I do like the look.