Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gaming To Do List

This is a brief list of pie in the sky things I'd love to do if I managed to retain my sanity and had time to do it in. This is in lieu of other, more sensible content today as I keep an eye out for my supervisor . . .

1. Run a game set in Kingdoms of Kalamar. This is almost a mania for me. At least once a week, I run over to my bookshelf and start thumbing through these books and, before I can catch myself, start writing out plans for a campaign that would be great fun. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a soul in Northern NJ willing to give it a whirl. The campaign setting book (despite the unfortunate circumstance of having a sparing few D20 rules thrown into it) is a prime example of exactly what a middle school campaign setting should be.

2. Put Thylia into some semblance of a starting order. I have ideas, thoughts, and hopes and dreams, but am swiftly running round the bend on time. Hopefully, I'll have something out this weekend that's not completely detestable.

3. Get a Dark Sun game started up. This runs into the same problems as KoK, though, and is rife with bad memories for even die-hard fans. No, we cannot forgive Mr. Denning for those novels. Ever.

4. Break out Alternity and dust it off. This is one of those games that continually astounds me in its capacity to remain utterly forgotten despite its goodness. Whether or not you care for the in-house settings, one has to admit that the system itself is rather interesting.

5. Run an Arduin one-off or pick-up campaign at the local game store. Would be necessary to use the original grimoire's, of course, but would definitely be fun. Alternatively, use the new Arduin Eternal and run a series of demos with pre-gen characters. Maybe I can convince Monte and George to send me some free product for that.

6. Find a wargame and learn it, if only to say that I've tried it.

7. Kobolds Ate My Baby. That is all.

8. Survive long enough in Greyhawk to learn what the hell has invaded poor Cedric the Fighter's ear!

9. Start the series of posts on Clerics that I've been meaning to put down on paper.


  1. Kalamar... I too have a well thumbed but unused Kalamar sourcebook sitting on my gaming/pooping shelf.
    Alternity... Never played it, but they have it on the shelves at my 1/2 Price Books. I think Alternity suffers from association with the dissolution of TSR. I'm guessing WotC owns the rights to it, and I think they made the sensible decision to kill it once that had D20 in the pipeline.

  2. Get that Dark Sun game going! I love Dark Sun and the more people that are out there playing it, the better.

  3. If only I could find local players for Dark Sun (because I don't really like PbP, PbEM, or PbChat) I really might. Unfortunately, I either game already with almost all the local old school type gamers and they are uninterested in Dark Sun, or the rest won't think of anything other than 3.x or 4.0, which I won't touch with a 33 and a half foot pole.