Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Few Minor Changes

After a moderate break in this relatively young blog due to the insanity known as a day job, I've been forced to break one of the cardinal rules that I set myself when I started this project: that I would not post while in the office. That rule lasted less than a month, and I suppose good riddance since now this means I'll actually be able to put thoughts down on "paper" before they get jammed out of my brain by the next quarterly spending report, staffing profiles, and purchasing quotas. This means that there'll be somewhat more frequent posting here, though most likely somewhat rushed, not spell checked well, and even more scatter brained than usual.

Hey, I never made any claims to sanity here . . .

Second, imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only did a few people actually read my blog, but felt inspired enough to post comments! In all honesty, that's a first for me, and it's got me just a bit flabergasted.

I feel that, in light of that revelation, that I owe any sort of regular readers more than just the random and errant thoughts out of my gaming brain that may or may not prove my madness. This blog needs a direction, more than just exploring the Middle School concept, it needs a cohesive goal.

So, I've settled upon the absolute most uninspired and unoriginal plan I could think of: I'll devote at least part of the space here to designing a campaign setting or campaign model (more on that in another post) that draws its inspiration from that which is distinctly middle school: that which is not the realm of the old grognards, and that which is not the realm of the faddish and excitable new schoolers, but that nebulous middle ground that rests somewhere between, next to, underneath, or within the same postal code of the other two. Race profiles, new spells, new monsters, perhaps a megadungeon with a different twist, and the reimagination of the D&D canon materials.

This is not entirely out of the blue as said campaign setting was, in fact, the inspiration for starting this blog in the first place. Not sure why I didn't decide to just throw it up in the first place, but that's going to be the case now.

Hopefully, it'll make for a moderately interesting ride.


  1. Ok sport.. show us what yah got!

  2. Haven't been called sport in more than 20 years . . .

    Suddenly I feel very young and have the urge to find an Ecto Cooler juice box . . .

  3. Yeah.. don't know what came over me there...